2018 Lowe R1655BR Jet Boat


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Roughneck 1655 Shallow Water/Big River
Cast aside all limitations. Fish where you want to. Find the most remote branches of your favorite waterways, and get there easily aboard a Roughneck 1655 Shallow Water. Built with durability and superior value in mind, the Lowe Shallow Water models can easily be configured to meet your needs. Erase the phrase “out of bounds” from your vocabulary—with the Roughneck 1655 Shallow Water, no fishing spot is off limits.


Lowe’s Console Jets: Includes Jet Transom, Engine Pre Rig, Side Console with Steering & Enclosed Front, Windshield, Switch Panel, Two Dry Storage, Four High Back Seats, Two bases in Floor, Two Bases in Decks, Perforated Flooring, Running Lights, 12 Gallon Fuel tank, Battery, Splash Shield & Trailer with Spare.

Stock Number: 

Lowe 359

Availability Status: 

In Stock



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